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3 Best Survival Food Companies

When an emergency happens, one important aspect which most people miss out is long-term food storage. Having a proper long-term food storage system should not only be practiced by survival enthusiasts. Instead, everyone should take the initiative to invest in getting emergency survival kits or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).

Even the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) made a recommendation that everyone should stock-up food supply ‘just in case’. Although most food storage companies prepare a food storage kit that can last up to 3 days for an individual, FEMA advocates that a family should have at least few weeks of supply.


Also, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that in average, all homeowners should stock up 3 days of food and water. 

Before we dive into the 5 best food storage companies, let’s consider 3 important aspects we need to look at while choosing a food storage company.                                                                                             

Important aspects for picking the best survival food company

1. Quality of products

Besides having good taste, the food produced must be high quality. However, what does ‘quality’ mean in this context? In my view, it can be seen as the food being able to last long, and the food has to be nutritious.

With the advent of science and technology, some food storage companies are capable of producing food that does not contain MSGs, trans fat or Genetically modified ingredients. The aim here is to find food that are as natural and as nutritious as possible.

You need to consume proper food when SHTF, and not eat chemicals that eventually deteriorates your health.

The quality of the food has to be maintained too. The packaging that is used by the company is important. I would usually got for Mylar bags because they tend to keep the food in the package fresh.

2. Shelf life of the food

It is often better to purchase emergency food kits that has longer shelf life. This is because you want the emergency food kit to last for long periods of time. 

Also, freeze dried food often has a longer shelf life as compared to dehydrated food. Dehydrated food has higher water content, which allows bacteria to grow quicker rather than freeze dried food.

3. Special Dietary Needs

Some food storage companies produce a wide-variety of food that caters to a large part of society. For example, Wise Company produces soy-free food or nut-free food to cate for people who are allergic to soy and nuts.

If you and your loved ones have such dietary needs, you need to look out for companies that offers products that caters for you. You can even choose to make a personalized food storage plan, finding suitable food for your family’s needs.

3 best survival food companies

1. Wise Company


Wise company topped the list because they are able to offer a wide range of high-quality emergency food that meets all the criteria which most prepper looks for.

If you are unsure which emergency food pack is suitable for your family, you can safely bet that the Wise company survival food kits is suitable.

The variety of food produced by Wise company is suitable for most situations be it hiking, a camping treat or in a disaster!

If you want to have a look at their products, just check out their site. It’s really easy to navigate and there are even individual tabs to help you find what you want.

Food & Water Packs

When I talk about the food packs for Wise Company, I am referring to their main products. They have a wide variety of products including:

(1) 1 Month Emergency Food and Drink supply

(2) Freeze Dried Emergency Food and drinks storage

(3) Wise Company Emergency food variety pack

These are just a few popular products out of the many in their production line.

Looking at their production line, it is clear that Wise company understands that their consumers purchase their MREs for a variety of situations. Although it is marketed to prepare families for emergencies, most of the consumers still use their products for easy meal preparations.

This is where their company strived to produce different grab-and-go kits which are really convenient for camping trips.

The selection of products is designed in a way which allows you to take up either a small or larger investment. For example, you can pick either the 72-hour supply or a 1-month emergency food supply kit.

Also, Wise company is known to be one of the first to store their products in mylar bags. Also, their products are made locally in the united states.

Furthermore, they come in boxes that helps you stack up for food storage, while helping you save some space. The bucket even comes with solid handles, allowing you to carry the buckets with ease in times of emergencies.

Wise company are not only committed in providing a variety of options for you to choose from, they are focused on creating tasty emergency food too! For example, their freeze-dried fruits will often come with sauces to spice up your meals and increase the nutrients.

Also, the food produced are really easy to prepare. Just pour in boiling water and wait for about 10 minutes and you can consume them.

Catering for Special Diet & Needs

Besides being dedicated to providing great quality tasty food, Wise Company produces specialty items that caters for special diet.

This includes gluten-free food, soy-free food or nut-free food. Depending on your needs, you can get these items in bulk or a la carte.

They even cater for different situations too. There are survival kits made to help you survive in the woods which comes with waterproof matches and an emergency sleeping bag. They even tailored a car emergency kit that comes with a survival whistle and an emergency blanket.

Equipment and Extras

Wise company’s product line contains a good selection of equipment for storing water and purifying water. You can get water-filtration bottles, water boxes or even a stove.

However, Wise company offer very little portable drinking water. You may have to stock drinking water up from other sources.

There’s even a emergency food calculator on their website which you can utilize to know how much bulk food you should purchase.

Customer Support

Customer support would encompass different many different aspects including the company being available for their customers and the availability of their food.

You can get Wise Company’s products if you go to your local Cabela’s store and their retail presence are spreading. This means that customers have the option of getting it at a retail store or purchasing their products from their website.

Also, the customer service team are knowledgeable and they will respond to your quickly. Now, they even have a live chat in their website. If you are eager to get your question answered, you can go on a live chat with their customer service team.

2. Mountain House


The Mountain House was born in Oregon, from their parent company named ““Oregon Freeze Dry”. It was during the World War where the parent company found that the demand for food that are easy to prepare increased.

Originally, their freeze dried goodness was only produced for the military, but now it is one of the most popular brands out there amongst campers, backpackers and survivalists.

Food & Water Packs

Mountain House is well-known to make delicious MREs. Most survival enthusiast, hunter or hiker will not hesitate to consume a pack of Mountain House product right off the trail. In fact, most people would be happy consuming Mountain House products every day because they are that delicious.

For most backpackers, the best food on the trail are either freshly packed food, fruits or freeze-dried meals. Mountain House is one of the most popular companies producing these freeze-dried food.  

They have a wide array of products for you to select. One popular option is the Mountain House’s convenient Pouches.

Furthermore, Mountain House has a 30 years taste guarantee, backing up their claim on each packaging stating that it should last up to the shelf life stated on the packaging.

Catering for Special Diet

Some products by Mountain House contains coconut, but most of the products which they make are nut-free. If you are allergic towards nuts, you can eat Mountain House freeze-dried food without worries.

They are sensitive to different needs too. Mountain House offers various packaging options, satisfying your needs. If you intend on getting a pouch for the trail or for emergency situations, you can get a suitable product at Mountain House.

Equipment and Extras

Similar to Wise company, Mountain House has a food supply calculator on their website which allows you to calculate the amount of food you need to buy. This calculator helps you take into account the number of people and days you are getting prepared for.

Customer Support

Mountain House products are extremely popular, and they should be present in your retail stores.

If you purchase their products from their website, all products will be shipped within 2 working days, except holidays.

The information provided in their site is that FedEx Ground will ship the products, but they do not offer tracking services.

There are various shipping choices too if you want the product to reach you sooner. You can pick the overnight shipping option if you need their products urgently.

Also, it is important to note that Mountain House can only send product WITHIN the United States.

Furthermore, they have a strict return policy. You can only return goods which are either defective or damaged.

3. Augason Farms


Augason Farms products can similarly be found in retail stores across the US. This should make emergency food kits readily available to everyone, including those that are unable to go online.  

This is a company started by Phil Augason since 1972. After being in business for 50 years, they are regarded as one of the biggest companies producing long-term storage food.

They are well-known for their Morning Moo powdered milk, a product which is hard to beat.

Food & Water Packs

Augason Farms has a wide selection of survival food kits for sale. You can get products ranging from a 72-hour emergency kit to a emergency food kit that can last up to one year.

They are also well-known for offering their customers individual ingredients. For example, you can purchase freeze-dried fruits, powdered milk and eggs, freeze-dried yogurt or even beans.

They have packages which include oatmeals, stroganoff, enchilada soup, and pasta alfredo.

The only drawback is that most food packages have a shelf life of 15 years, which is less than its peers such as Mountain house.

Also, Augason Farm does not have drinking water in its mix.

Catering for Special Diet

This company has a specialized diet-friendly service, catering for the needs of all individuals.

They provide a variety of products that are gluten-free, and some even made for vegetarians. Furthermore, their price for a la carte ingredients are low, making it readily available for most people.

Augason Farm focuses on using vegetarian substitutes for their products instead of real meat. For example, their bacon-flavored bits and chicken substitutes are testimonials of their initiative.

Their food are extremely suitable if you are going on a camping trip or you only need it short term. Their prepackaged meals are cheap and tasty.

You have the option of getting bulk food storage containers, or you can invest minimally for short-term solutions too.

Equipment and Extras

They are known to offer free shipping on some of their products. They usually include this offer with the 6-month or 1-year emergency food supply kits.

Also, their food comes in square pails which are easy to stack. Square pails tend to eat up less space as compared to round pails.

Customer Support

Their customer support does a really good job in helping you choose the right options.

If you are a rookie in long-term food storage, you can contact their sales representative and they will help you select a suitable product. They will even guide you on how you can use the product effectively too!

You can reach the company sales representatives by taking a look at their social media page or using their contact form. If it’s urgent, you can get on a line with one of their representatives too.


I hope that this review is helpful for you! There is no single product that can fit all your needs. However, if you are experienced enough, you can get suitable products from a variety of companies. If you need to store food for emergencies, Mountain House products may be suitable because they have longer shelf life. If you want fresh products to bring out on the trail, you can opt for Wise Company’s freeze dried.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share on this, feel free to comment below!

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