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5 Reasons To Invest In Long-term Food Storage

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After disaster struck your area, the roads may be blocked for safety reasons and your local convenient stores may be closed for several weeks. Without a minimum of 3-day supply for each family member, you may be in deep trouble.

There are people that have not realized that they made a huge mistake, storing canned food which has only a 6-month shelf-life.

In preparing for the worst, you need to keep a supply of food suitable for long-term storage and drinkable water. If you are preparing food supply for fully-grown adults, it’s best to store 2000 calories for him per day.

Sorry for reiterating some general rules about food storage because they are really important to begin with. Now, let us be reminded about why we need to stock up on emergency food supplies so that we are motivated to learn more about long-term storage.

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Reason 1: It helps keep you and your loved ones calm

The thought of having enough emergency supplies in your home for everyone will definitely help with keeping everyone’s nerves calm. You get to work out a solution for the situation with one less problem on your hands, which is a huge advantage.

There’s even a scientific explanation for this. If you starve yourself of nutrients, the glucose level in your blood will decrease. Since your brain needs glucose to function, the lack of it will cause your brain to stop working at its best. This means that you will likely make rash decisions. This is something that you do not want to resort to when your life is at stake.

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Reason 2: It helps keep your body healthy

When Shit Hit the Fan, you will find that you need to live without many of the modern-day luxuries. Most people take for granted the supply of clean water, healthy food, warm shelter and electricity supply.

Health is one of your greatest assets when you come into contact with a crisis. If you get sick during the emergency, you will lose motivation to carry out your survival chores. It may be the case too that you may have enough motivation to do what is necessary, but you do not have sufficient energy to carry them out well.

To help with this, you need to keep Nutritionally-Dense Foods. Beans, rice and wheat are great to stock-up too. They can last long if you keep them properly.

Although there are claims that you can last 3 weeks without food, getting through 3 weeks without food is extremely painful. There is a high probability that you will inflict permanent damage onto your body too. Your body starts to function differently in an attempt to keep you alive.

For example, most people who go without food for weeks develop problems in their gall bladder. The fact that there’s no digestion going on may cause the organ to fail. At the very least, it will build up gall stones which requires surgery for removal.

Other health problems would include liver cancer and heart attacks. You stand a higher chance of getting cancer or even develop dementia. Alternatively, you can prevent all of these problems by stocking up some MREs or prepare a long-term food storage.

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Reason 3: Surviving the long cold winter

Surviving the cold winter

This was the dominant reason why most people stocked up food for long-term storage. Although this was more prevalent in the past, getting a sufficient stockpile of food is still vital for surviving in the winter.

The fact that the advent of science and technology has helped us get through the cold winter with greater ease, does not change the reality that we need food to produce body heat. You will not be able to survive the cold winter without sufficient food storage.

Now, you can find the supplies you need in your local convenient stores even during winter. This made people to think that keeping low supplies of food in their stores is sufficient.

Bear in mind that disasters are more likely to occur during winter. The damage caused would be more severe too. Imagine, that you do not have electricity for 2 weeks just because a rough snow storm disrupted the electricity supply. Can you survive such a situation? The cold weather makes it even more challenging to survive.

Reason 4: It helps you get through recession

Recession, as defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research, as a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for a few months, which is seen in reduction of real income, real GDP and even employment.

Recessions are often insidious. Although it happens gradually, most people cannot be certain when a recession will hit the country. The main reason why this happens is because the causes for a recession are still uncertain. We cannot pinpoint with exact precision what activity would cause an economy to go downhill. It is usually a cluster of events that lead to this outcome.

At this point, you may unexpectedly lose you job or worse, rapidly deplete your savings. The situation would be made worse if disaster struck your area and supply of food is now a scarcity. The price of food will go up, leaving you no choice but to break the bank for food supply.

If you have sufficient food reserved, you and your loved ones do not need to suffer from hunger during these hard times. Since you have some reserves now, it wouldn’t hurt getting some quality emergency food supply kit from Mountain House or even Augason Farms.

5. It helps you survive disaster

For every preparation for disaster, food storage may take up the largest amount of investment. Although you can learn up different skills like hunting or plant a garden, you will need extra food supply ‘just in case’.

Disaster usually strikes when we least expect it to be. The people who have a speedy recovery are those who are prepared for the situation.

Who knows what might happen? A nuclear strike, an EMP Blast, a snowstorm, earthquakes, tornadoes, flash floods, tsunamis or terrorism attacks. All of these incidents could potentially disrupt the food supply in your area, causing a situation where you have NO CHOICE but to rely on your stored food and water.

Since you will not know how long you will need to rely on your food supply, it would be best to keep a stock that can last up to weeks.

‘Disaster’ can be interpreted in several ways too. Preppers are motivated to get prepared for a variety of reasons. It may be political, personal or even due to environmental reasons.  


These 5 reasons should be sufficient to get you motivated to learn more about long-term food storage.

You do not have to take my word on it fully too. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that everyone store sufficient food and water supply. The supply suggested is that it must be sufficient to feed your family for a couple of weeks too. FEMA is advocating this to ensure that more people are prepared for unfortunate events such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

If you have any opinion or ideas you want to share about food storage, feel free to comment below! Let’s build a community that helps each other out in preparing for the worst.

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