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3 Common Crimes During a Crisis That You MUST Be Aware Of

A couple of years ago, the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime published an article about how economic crisis can trigger a rise in crime. You can read the article here: While this is true, itís not just economic crisis that causes crime to increase. Any crisis from racial riots to even natural […]


What to Do If You Are Held Hostage

Being held hostage is one of the most dangerous and terrifying situations to be in. While most people will never find themselves in one, there’s no denying the fact that there’s a small chance that it could happen. You must be prepared and act in a way that will not put you at risk or […]


How to Safeguard Your Valuables in Times of Crisis

During a time of crisis, more often than not, law enforcement will be extremely busy and unable to uphold the law efficiently. Thereís just too much happening and not enough officers to handle the chaos. When the cat is away, the mice will play. Crime will start to skyrocket with more looting, vandalism, thefts, assaults, […]