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Running Out of Toilet Paper? You NEED to Read This!

Running Out of Toilet Paper? You NEED to Read This! The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to a very strange phenomenon where toilet paper (affectionately known as ‘loo roll’ in the UK) seems to be the first thing that people are panic buying. It almost boggles the mind as to how a respiratory illness from […]


Are You Ready for When the Lights Go Out?

During a crisis, it’s very common for the lights to go out. During a natural disaster such as a hurricane, power lines can be destroyed. This can happen during floods, wildfires, etc. too. Even during terrorist attacks or wars, very often, power installations are hit so that the civilians’ lives are disrupted, and the military/first […]


How to Pack your bug out bag – Top Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Congratulations! You have picked a suitable bug out bag. What’s next?  After spending months researching for the best bug out bag, there is another hurdle you have to face – which is how you can best pack your bug out bag.   Most people make the mistake of leaving the bag too messy. In fact, […]


4 Best Camping Stoves for 2019

Scroll straight down to see the list If you are going for hiking, hunting or you go camping outdoors, you need to get boiled water and clean food. One of the best ways to get them is to buy a camping stove to cook them yourself. If you want to enhance your outdoor experience, you […]


8 Things to consider when buying a backpacking stove

What is a backpacking stove? Backpacking stoves are also known as lightweight or portable stoves, which is specifically designed to be portable and light so that you can easily bring it around for outdoor activities. Portable stoves were invented in the 1900’s, and the advent of technology has encouraged innovation. Now, these portable stoves come […]


Is Your Car Crisis-Ready?

Is Your Car Crisis-Ready? Very often, when survivalists think of prepping, they think of storing supplies at home and making sure that thereís enough food or water. Itís very common to overlook prepping oneís vehicle for a crisis. You could be driving a sports car, van or station wagonÖ it doesnít matter. When things get […]