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Useful Survival Gear That Every Prepper Should Pack

grear every prepper should pack

In this article weíre going to look at some highly useful survival gear that you should carry with you if you plan on bugging out in the wild. If youíre bugging in at home, youíll probably not need these because youíll be sheltered and have the usual conveniences and amenities at your disposal.
When youíre in the wilderness, thereíll be several items that may be crucial to keeping you comfortable and safe. Even with a tent, youíll still feel the effect of the elements. If the climate is cold, youíll feel even colder outside. If itís wet, you may slip and fall more easily in the woods than you wood in an urban area.
So, you must have the right gear and be prepared. In this article, weíll look at a few items you need to think about when packing your bug out bag. Depending on where you live and your bugging out plans, youíll need to decide what items to get.

  1. Plastic ponchos
    There are kinds made with thick plastic and there are those made with thin, fragile plastic that are folded up into small packets. Ideally, you should have the more heavy-duty ones. However, if your bag is heavy, you can keep a couple of the small light ones instead. The most important thing is not to get wet. If youíre soaked and itís cold, you may get hypothermia.
  2. Chemical light sticks
    These are very handy to have. Sometimes it may be pouring outside and you canít start a fire to have light. Breaking one of these light sticks and giving it a quick shake will provide you some good light in your tent for 5 to 6 hours. If you wish to read in your tent or clean your gear, you can easily hang this light stick above your tent. Itís much more difficult to do that with a flashlight.
  3. Survival blanket
    These can save lives. If youíre in cold climates, these are a necessity. They help to retain body heat. If youíre stuck out in the open with no tent or sleeping bag, wrapping yourself up in one of these survival blankets will keep you relatively war. Theyíre lightweight enough to carry around.
  4. Water purification tablets/bottles
    In the wild, unless youíre in a desert, it should be relatively easy to find water. However, the water you find may not be potable. As long as you have water purification tablets or a water purification bottle, your job becomes much easier. You just need to add the tablet or the water into the bottle and you should be able to consume it.
  5. Paracord and shemagh
    These are two of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can carry. Theyíre light and have hundreds of uses. You can write an entire book on the different ways you could use these items. They can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from water filtration to first aid.
    Ensure that you have all 5 of these items in your bag. There are many other useful prepper gear to think about but these 5 should be at the top of your list just because they can save your life and theyíre so versatile. The wilderness can be unforgiving. The gear mentioned here will give you that edge.